Quickbooks Shortcut Keys

There are two kinds of people in this world – Keyboarders and Mousers. I’m a Keyboarder. That means I want my hands on the keyboard at all times. Mousers, as you might guess, prefer to use the Mouse to move around on the screen. In my opinion, you Mousers are Wrong!...

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Undeposited Funds? But I Put It in the Bank!

What is Undeposited Funds?  What does it mean and why should you use it? Good questions! When you record a Payment in QuickBooks, the receivable is wiped out, and the amount goes into an account called Undeposited Funds. When you then MAKE DEPOSIT from your Bank menu,...

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Desktop vs. Online Quickbooks

That is the question. And there is no simple answer. Ten years ago, I would have said “Desktop! Don’t even consider that nasty Online version of QuickBooks!” But things have changed dramatically. So which one should you choose? Here are some thoughts: Convenience –...

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