There are two kinds of people in this world – Keyboarders and Mousers. I’m a Keyboarder. That means I want my hands on the keyboard at all times. Mousers, as you might guess, prefer to use the Mouse to move around on the screen. In my opinion, you Mousers are Wrong! You waste valuable nanoseconds moving your hand from Keyboard to Mouse and back again. Let’s explore some shortcuts to keep you on the Keyboard.


The Tab key is your best friend. Use it to move from field to field. If you get really good at it, you’ll know how many times you have to Tab to get from the amount field to the account field on a Write Check screen, and you can do it without even looking!


Woops! You overshot your field, and now you need to back up. Shift Tab.


If you are in the date filed of any transaction and you need that date to be one day later, no need to retype the date or click on the calendar (and you should NEVER click on the calendar. More on that later). Just hit the + key and it will advance the date one day. Similarly, hit the – key to move back a day.


Move your hand from the Keyboard to the Mouse, click on the little Calendar thingy, click around until you find the date you want, then let go of the Mouse and move back to the Keyboard. Why? Please tell me why you would do that when you can just type in the numbers. You’re already in the space. Just type 0604 and QuickBooks magically makes that 06/04/2016. That’s all you need. Don’t touch that slash! QuickBooks does it for you.

One caveat about this – QB will always put in the current year. So if it’s January, and you have some stuff from December to enter, you will need to type the year. So instead of 1231, you’ll need to type 123115. Which is still better than clicking that little Calendar!

Ready to be a Keyboarder but you need more Shortcut Keys? Stay tuned. We’ll post more of them later. If you can’t wait, call us! We’ll be glad to help.

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